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Why CodeZ QR Is Important

CodeZ QR, the next generation in 2D bar code symbologies, looks similar to datamatrix but is a far superior product. Features such as recipient interactivity, Kanji and Kana character support, enhanced data security, component encodation, and increased data capacity are significant value adds of CodeZ QR.  Additionally, unlike the L-shaped frame pattern which orients the scanner for datamatrix codes, QR’s unique 3-corner framing pattern has never been contested by intellectual property claims or patents.

Recipient Interactivity

CodeZ QR can be easily read by cellular camera phones or PC cams in addition to all lines of high volume bar code scanners on the market today.  The ability to be read by ubiquitous devices such as cell phones enables most recipients of printed materials to interact with the documents and publications they receive. The result is that CodeZ QR adds the power of recipient interactivity to the document real estate previously allocated to simple post processing and document control.  This in turn can transform an enterprise’s transaction documents into 2-way transpromo vehicles which increase customer retention, develop new customers or enable faster bill payment.

International Languages

CodeZ QR supports double byte character sets making it capable of encoding JIS Level 1 and Level 2 Kanji character sets. In the case of Japanese, one full-width Kana or Kanji character is efficiently encoded in 13 bits, allowing QR Code to contain 20% more data than other 2D symbologies.

Enhanced Data Security

The double byte character support offered by the CodeZ QR symbol also enables more sophisticated and stronger levels of encryption for the encoded data.  This makes CodeZ QR perfectly suited for the storing and retrieval of HIPPA compliant data and Check 21 information.

Increased Data Capacity

Beyond the double byte character sets the CodeZ QR can hold up to 100% more data than a comparable datamatrix symbol while maintaining the same error handling capabilities.

  CodeZ QR CodeZ Matrix
  CodeZ QR CodeZ Matrix
Data Capacity Numeric 2,710 138
Alphanumeric 4,296 2,355
Binary 2,953 1,556
Kanji 1,817 778

Leading But Not Bleeding Edge

QR was originally developed and placed into the public domain by a unit of Toyota Corporation and is an established ISO Standard barcode technology as of 2000. Although relatively new in North America QR is a standard widely adopted in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China where the world’s largest corporations use it to expand customer relationships and increase sales.

Only CodeZ QR

By launching print to the mobile web: COPI's CodeZ QR Solution Set helps companies increase effectiveness, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, maintain data security and strengthen customer loyalty - while maintaining data security.